Ecite09 is over.

It took place from the 2.-10.July 2009 at Edge Hill University in Ormskirk, near Liverpool in the North-West of England.

As we, the organisers had intended, ecite09 has been a manifestation and celebration of the diversity which shapes the European CI-community today.

78 CI-teachers from 18 countries in-and outside of Europe, have spent 8 days exchanging in their questions and findings in the fields of teaching, current research and performing.

We feel satisfied with the job we did (with the great support from the "Liverpool-team") in giving people a positive space for this exchange, and want to thank all those who participated in ecite09, who came and took the space we created.

You filled this space with inspiring dances, discussions, classes, study labs and many other forms of exchange, research and networking; thus making the event a real enrichment for Contactimprovisation in all the places where ecite09 participants live, teach and dance.

A lot of what has been thought, moved and made during ecite09 is documented in the reader. You can have a look at the reader here.

For the CI-community in the UK ecite09 was a very welcome wake up call, a beautifull reminder of how many we are and an inspiration to continue networking and collaborating from here.

We are very hopefull that CI can continue to live and grow bigger again here in the UK, which after all was one of the first European countries, where CI got practiced and taught.

Caroline Waters,
Gesine Daniels,
Mary Prestidge,
Natanja den Boeft,
Robert Anderson.

The next ecite will happen from 18.-24. August 2010 in Finland (arrival and leaving dates may still change a bit).

Ecite 2011 will happen in Spain, probably in Ibiza. Watch out for information on